Our Climate Action Plan

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Our Road to Net Zero

Since the launch of our strategy How We Tread Right, global action on the world’s response to climate change has continued to advance, and our commitment to evolve has enabled us to match that advancement. The most significant change we’ve made since the launch of our plan is our decision to commit to net zero.  

In the next step of our journey to net zero, our parent company The Travel Corporation (TTC) has formally committed to carbon reduction targets that are aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). These targets are currently under review by the SBTi and will be announced later this year. Science-based targets ensure that we play our part in reducing our emissions in line with keeping the global temperature below a warming of 1.5° C by mid-century.  


Blue skies over Loch Ness

We Declare A Climate Emergency

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It is no longer a secret that climate change poses a serious threat to what makes Scotland so special: our landscapes, wildlife, and local community.

To fight against these record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity, we're declaring a climate emergency as a founding signatory to the Glasgow Declaration. 
Our common goal as travel businesses is to cut global carbon emissions to 55% over the next decade to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming.

Our 5-Point Climate Action Plan

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, How We Tread Right, we have a five-point Climate Action Plan to guide us in the right direction. Our plan doesn’t feature quick fixes, because they don’t exist, and is instead shaped by our commitment to learning and adapting, and using technology and innovation to move closer to capturing excess carbon in our atmosphere. Read our full climate action plan here. 

Why did we do this?

We know the climate crisis demands urgent action. We recognise the need for both travellers and travel businesses to take action on climate change and to address our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and so we began our journey to understand and measure the carbon footprint of our property to do just that.

Going carbon neutral is one part of our larger five-point Climate Action Plan we have in place, which is focused on first and foremost reducing our emissions. In the interim, we view investing in carbon credits (which are offsets) as a way to take immediate action to address our unavoidable emissions while we transition towards a low carbon economy. These investments come with positive social impacts that keep local communities thriving by creating jobs, improving health outcomes and promoting local entrepreneurship.

How do we offset?

Beginning in 2022, in partnership with a leading offset provider, South Pole, we will offset your stay by purchasing verified credits from a forest conservation offset project in Victoria, Australia. This project protects Victoria’s Annya State Forest and restores the rich biodiversity that was once found in the forest, before it was illegally cleared two decades ago and planted with an invasive eucalyptus species, causing devastation to the area. By protecting the land against further clearing and re-vegetating it with native flora, this project enhances biodiversity and permanently protects habitat for vulnerable native species.  

What else is Morag’s Lodge doing to reduce its carbon footprint?

  1. All glass, plastics, paper, cardboard & cans are recycled and all waste is recorded and monitored
  2. We use a composting bin for the majority of food waste
  3. We have a reuse policy – our bike shed, fence and bar are all made from old bunks and construction waste!
  4. All toilets have an eco-flush mechanism and measures have been taken to reduce water
  5. We use eco-friendly cleaning products
  6. Heating is thermostatically controlled and on a timer to ensure no room is heated when not in use
  7. We use low energy LED light bulbs
  8. We have signage asking people to turn off lights in bedrooms and corridor lighting operates via motion sensors
  9. Our meals are all homemade and freshly produced using seasonal ingredients
  10. We use local suppliers for the majority of our food & beverage items
  11. We use Fairtrade products where possible
  12. We do not replace towels unless specifically requested

We actively share these sustainable practises with our awesome team, suppliers and guests and seek their support in following our environmental policies. We always welcome contributions and suggestion on new sustainable tips!